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Salvation Course Syllabus

Course Requirements:

A copy of the book Learning To Lead: Converting the Heart must be read.

Cost of Course: $100 which includes a PDF copy of the book and grading of submitted work by attached file through email.

This is a 2 credit hour course.

This book is twelve chapters with five questions to answer at the end of each chapter.

The answers to these questions must be thorough enough for the student to use as notes to teach this course in a Sunday school class, small group class, or from which to preach.  The answers must correspond with the teaching in the book and reflect a Bible Institute level of understanding the material.  Superficial answers will not be accepted.  

The answers must be type written, double space, with correct spelling and grammar and submitted in PDF format.  Most word processors, such as Microsoft Word, will allow the student to save a document as a PDF. 

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